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Bilimora 199 gold coin worth 1 crore theft case found stealer

5 people found guilty for steal 199 gold coin price worth 1 cr , 1992 coin made about 8 gram gold

Bilimora 199 gold coin worth 1 crore theft case found stealer?

Navsari and Madhya Pradesh police were on the run after gold coins were found during the demolition of an NRI house in Bilimora nine months ago when it was stolen. In this film story Takkar Mere, Navsari Police has finally succeeded in finding the coins. Navsari Police has seized 199 gold coins worth approximately Rs 1 crore from the slums of laborers living in Madhya Pradesh. Police have also arrested five accused along with the coins.

The laborers of Madhya Pradesh had gone to their native place after stealing the gold coins from Navsari, but due to some reason there was a ruckus among the laborers regarding the coins and the matter reached the Alirajpur district police. At that time, a police complaint was also lodged by the local police that the laborers had collected coins from them. A case was registered against four policemen in this matter. Currently these four policemen are in judicial custody.
Bilimora 199 gold coin

A complaint of theft of gold coin was registered in Bilimora, but different discussions were going on regarding the number of coins and theft. Then, to solve the mystery of this entire matter, the police had raided Navsari LCB in Madhya Pradesh 6 times within two months. By setting up a network of local informants in Madhya Pradesh, detailed details of the entire case were collected and they were successful in reaching the accused.

These five accused were arrested

(1) Ramku W/O Banshi Bangal Bhadiya Khudde Bhilala, उं.व. 47, धान्धो- लाबोरी, 

(2) Raju alias Rajla Genti Bhadiya, himself Bhilala, उन.व. 28, Business- Labour, 

(3) Banjari W/O Raju alias Rajla Genti Bhadiya, Khadne Bhilala, उन.व. 26, Occupation- Labour, 

(4) Juveniles in conflict with law shall remain in custody. Bejdagam, Ubla-Dagda Phalia, Thana-Sondwa, District Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh State and 

(5) Sarfaraz Haji Koradia, U.V.44, Dhandho- old filth business resident, Valsad.

Navsari Police has seized stolen antique gold coins from Madhya Pradesh, their number is 199. The weight of one coin is approximately 8 grams. There is the symbol of King George on the coin and these coins were made in the year 1922. According to the current price of gold, the market price of this coin is approximately Rs 92 lakh.

Navsari police arrested five laborers with gold coins. He was found to be ignorant about the value of antique gold coins. The laborers had kept these coins in their hut and on the ground outside the hut. He knew that he would benefit from getting these coins. as per @mybilimora instagram post

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